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Price for you is ...

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It has been over two weeks since I last write an entry, and currently I have some free time before I get back to finishing up some errands.  The weather has been nice lately.  A nice cool breeze flows throughout the apartment, followed by the quick passing rain shower.  I cannot complain as it is comfortable.  

So let's see what has happened since my last entry.  Well the most current event is that we sold our Expat-mobile.  The expat mobile is a Toyota Innova, that is mostly owned by expats or used to drive expats around India.  They are comfortable and spacious, but we did not need one anymore.  Since the day we fired our driver, we have been using Uber or Ola to get around Bangalore.  The fare is super cheap as it ranges from 70 - 245 Rupees, equivalent to $1.05 - $3.70! 

With the ease of having Uber, our expatmobile mostly stayed parked in our spot and we would occasionally use it for a weekend trip or an errand.  After putting up for sale, we had a few families look it over and one family jumped onto it quickly.  The car fits their needs better as they have two small kids.  I am happy we sold it as it is one less headache to deal with.

This past Monday was India's Independence Day, but don't think that it was all party as our 4th of July celebration.  To us, it was just another regular day.  Most of the stores were open and children had to attend classes as we saw them waiting for their school buses. Therefore it was just another day. Mariana went into work as she gets another day to use at a later date for vacation.  I met up with our friend and hung out playing Star Wars X-wing. He is an avid boardgamer who has introduced us to many games, X-wing being one of them.  It has become my favorite once a weekday hang out; we order food, have some drinks and escape reality for a few hours (and you do need something like this in order to stay sane here).  Finding set pieces for the game is hard in India as the prices are double or triple than the regular price in the US.  But I have some found some sales on Amazon India where the prices have been lower than the US.  

Over the weekend Mariana and I went to walk around Cubbon Park, which was the very first time we go to it! We took the metro that is located only a short walk from our home and it stops right in front of the entrance to the park.

After our stroll, we decided to walk over to one of the brewpubs - The Biere Club and have a nice cold beer.


Most of the breweries are nice but I do have a complaint: all the brewpubs in Bangalore are never consistent with their selection. Some days you may be lucky where all the drafts are available, only half are ready to be poured, or be unlucky by drinking a bad beer.  After visiting the various breweries, i have narrowed down where to get the best IPA, Wheat, or Tripel, of course each at a different brewery.  And forget about finding a good Stout here, they are water downed!

Now, why the title to this post?  Well, I will keep it short but basically if you are an expat, expect to be charged an exorbitant amount compared to a local!  An example to this is that we recently were in the mist of renewing our lease, as it is only an eleven month lease here, and we went back and forth to reach an agreement.  It has left a very sour taste in my mouth pertaining to the structure of negotiating and dealing with the landlord and vendors here. I have learned to give the following simple statement to a foreigner who is thinking about moving here for work: "You will be paying more than a local!" 



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