Mario Aguilar | Day 1 - Goodbye NJ

Day 1 - Goodbye NJ

September 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
I wrote the following almost a week ago and finally getting around to posting it up....

Currently it is  2:42am Eastern time and I am sitting on an Emirates flight heading towards Dubai.  I am drinking my third Patron Cafe as my mind is settling down with the notion that we have left our home, family and friends in NJ.
It has been a rough couple of weeks, very stressful.  Packing is not fun,imagine getting things separated between what to pack for our flight, what to put on our air shipment (which arrives "hopefully" 4 weeks later), what will go on the sea shipment (roughly an 8+ weeks till arrival), and what will be placed in storage.  That task not only gave me headaches, but also ruined my eating habits.  My somewhat healthy eating every 3 hours had to turned into only and barely eating one meal a day.  I completely lost my appetite and oddly enough had taken a liking to have a beer (or two) late at night.  And not one of those crappy water down piss water beers ( sorry Angel) but more of those "I will put your ass on the ground" 8%+ beers.  Especially after I found my new favorite, the Riverhorse Trippel; a 10% beer!!
So my nights had turned into this; pack, go through papers that had been saved for years, stress out, then have a beer on an empty stomach and whala, instant calmness.
Days leading up to when the movers came, our home had become a mess! Boxes all over, no place to sit comfortably, even Luna had a tough time to find a spot to lay down on the sofa.  I actually could not wait till the movers came, but once they did it was overwhelming!
They arrived on time and moved in like troops storming into the battlefield, with a plan on hand and with execution....but with faults.  I don't know if all our stuff was placed on the correct shipment as it was difficult to oversea the entire group. There was a guy for each room and we did our best to make sure things were packed and placed into the correct shipment.  I believe the majority did, but not too certain in the kitchen.  After the movers left, Mariana noticed things were packed that were not supposed to be. So that means we will have items to give away as their original destination was to be placed in a donation pile.
After the movers left, it felt surreal...walking into our home and hearing an echo.  All of our things were taken away and only our luggages remained. We have been living out of our luggages for the past few days, while crashing at my sis-in-law's place.  Even Luna settled down in her temporary home....My sweet furry Luna will wonder what is happening as she will make her way to us.  I hate that I have to wait a week or two, hopefully not three, until we see her again.  I just hope she travels safely.  She may hate us for putting her through this long travel, but she will be happy to be with us!
Well I should get some sleep. The majority are sleeping and here I am still awake. I had just finished watching San I don't know if it was meant to make me laugh but it did! I thought it was an awesome comedy!!...
I needed a laugh as today had been an emotional day...breaking down for abit as I realized how much I will miss family.  After speaking to my niece, it hit me hard that we will be away for a long time.  Of course we will make our way back to visit but it's not the same as we won't be able to spend time with her and family. (as we are her favorite titi and tio)  Wow....just thinking that she will be 7 (or 8 if we stay 3 years).  .... 
Alright...time to rest my eyes as we still have 9 hours to go.... Or maybe I should walk back to the lounge and order another Patron....or maybe a Chivas 18 or Glenfiddich 15.....choices.....


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