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Fly away goose...

October 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So it's been quite some time since I sit down and write a post....the main reason is that we have been busy the past week as we settle into our new home.  One of the huge headaches I was dealing with was the lack of urgency to get my internet connection back.  It went down on a holiday, which was a Friday, so the majority had a nice three day weekend.  I did finally get connection back yesterday after escalating the issue with various different parties.

But aside from that issue, the past few days have been great!  Luna arrived safely last Thursday.  I was so worried, so I was elated when she arrived.  First thing she did was rush out of the kennel and give us headbutts.

She has now settled down to her new home... as you can see in the picture, she is enjoying movie time with me

I also have been happy that we got some of our shipment.  The packages sent on the air shipment arrived the day before Luna.  We got most of everything we wanted, but there were some packages that were placed on the sea we didn't receive any of our cutlery, plates, the essentials to have a meal.  But the biggest disappointment was that I received all my ps3/4 games, yet none of the systems!!!  What a bummer!  I just have to be patient.

Thank goodness that I can still have my expressos! That arrived in the shipment, as well as the transformer.  Some of Mariana's appliances don't run 240v so we needed the black box of happiness.

As mentioned, we have been settling into our home.  Today we had to checkout from the hotel.  We had one last breakfast and said bye to the pleasant staff at the Hilton.  They were wonderful, always with a smile and trying to make sure we were having a nice time.  So far all the people I have met have been welcoming.

Now I am enjoying our new neighborhood. Lots of people going out for an early morning walk/jog/run.  Also we are close to a variety of stores.  The thing I love is that our street is situated far enough from the crazy traffic that it's so quiet during the day, yet so close to it that we can just walk to the main road and be among the hustle and bustle. 

Ok, so maybe wondering why the title...well one of the biggest events here is having brunch on Sunday! It's the thing to do, and I understand why. For a flat fee you can explode your stomach is endless food, as well as kill your liver with endless drinks.  Now, I was a victim of the latter.  I will admit that I over did it, but I will tell you why....because I let myself enjoy the poison named Vodka!  


I was a fan of vodka drinks during my younger college days, but have put it aside for many years as I am not a hard liquor drinker anymore (i do occasionally have A drink of Whiskey.... sad I couldn't bring my whiskey bottles...that's another story).  
Well the person we had brunch with is a fan of vodka and kept ordering drinks and shots...and more shots...and drinks...on top of that, some delicious food...and another bottle of vodka.   As the story goes, the bathroom became my friend. ...poor soul who had to clean it up...I would go into more detail as I laugh about it now, but I would rather tell in person.

So lesson learned, put Vodka in the vault and just stick with a beer. 

Ok, time to finish up some errands.  Next time I will write about our recent weekend trip.

...oh by the way, I still follow up on sports as MLS and MLB games are being played during the morning hours here.  I saw the Evil Empire get eliminated this morning.  Woohoo!  Now its time to play ball....LETS GO METS!!!!!


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