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This past Saturday we decided to take a day trip to Mysore.  Roughly a 3 hour drive from Bengaluru.

I must admit that history classes never sparked my interest (which is the complete opposite of my dad as i call him a walking library).  Therefore I will be honest and say I do not know much of India's history.  But after our trip, I started to read up on their rich history.

We began our trip at 7am as six of us, along with our driver, headed to Mysore.  Our first stop was at the final resting place of Tipu Sultan.  As stated before, I did not know any of the region's history, but was in awe at the beauty of the location.

As many places that we visited, we had to remove our shoes in order to walk among the grounds.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside the tomb where Tipu and his parents lay.


We went to see Tipu's summer palace, where we were not allowed to take pictures inside.  The structure is beautiful!  Very rich with details all over the walls and ceilings.  As we began to walk back to the front gate, people asked to take pictures of us (not me as I must have blended in that day...).  Ok, no problem, it happened to me while at the Botanical Garden, so I was expecting it here as we were a group of foreigners.   

That's when I said to our friend Mariana, "they must know you are Taylor Swift."  We got a kick out of that and called her Ms. Swift throughout the rest of the day.

Our driver then took us to where Tipu was shot, as well as the dungeon that held British officers.  Close by was another temple and we decided to just take pictures outside.

Again, people asked to have their pictures taken with us.  But then that is where it got a bit scary as a huge group of men surrounded our friend.  My Mariana pulled her away from the crowd and the rest of us walked along side of them, as their bodyguards.   The rest of the day dealt with the same as we did our best to make sure no more people asked for their pictures.

But aside from that nerve-racking event, we saw some more beautiful sites.

We stopped by St. Philomena's Church, a stunning church.  But sadly no pictures allowed inside.

After lunch, we went to Mysore Palace.  It is vast and needs to be seen in person.  But once again, I could not take pictures on the grounds or inside; which is a down point because the halls inside the palace look like those from Disney movies; rich in color and extravagant.  The rule does not make sense as everyone is taking photos of the grounds with their phone (I was able to walk around with the GoPro), yet no one is allowed to use their pocket or DSLR cameras.  They were very strict on no phones inside, as I saw a guard yank a phone off a lady after she took some pictures.
Yet, I did sneak out my camera fast to snap the picture below.

After the palace, we made our way up Chamundi Hills where stands both a statue of Nandi and Chamundeshwari Temple.

After that we called it a day, and made it back to Bengaluru.  It was a great day as we met new people, and I realized that India has a deep history that I look forward to explore more of.



Btw:  we came across a man playing a flute who had a cobra and monkey.


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