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It has been some time since I last wrote something.  Mainly due to how busy it has been the last few weeks.  The biggest headache was that we finally received our sea shipment.  It arrived last Monday, but we have been busy with putting things in place, removing all these boxes, and finally feeling like it is our home.  Even Luna is happy that our sofa is back as she would love to lay on it all day.

Currently it is 1:10pm – Tuesday, and once again our internet is down.  Some days I totally dislike it here, especially when issues like this occur.  I do not understand how this city is called the Silicon Valley of India, yet they can’t support a reliable internet connection!!  Hell, they can even supply a good cell connection!  So now my plan to book travel details for Christmas is at a halt, till this “fantastic” connection is back up.

Therefore, this is the reason why I am here sitting down and writing this. 

Last week was Thanksgiving, so all of you reading this…Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!   …hmmm I just realized today is December 1st!   Wow!  A few more weeks and it will be New Years!

Getting back to my thought on last Thursday, it was one of the first days that I truly missed being back home and feeling homesick.  It did not help knowing that it was a holiday back home, and yet here it was just a normal day here.  It was nice to speak to family, so that helped a bit.

We did celebrate it here though as some expats had a dinner gathering this past Saturday.  It was fine and fun, as we get to know a few more people that are also here battling the small issues that are presented by this country.   The couple are originally from Chicago, btw my favorite city.  The husband has some common interests as me:  hockey fan, a gamer, lifts weights, enjoys math and an introvert – so a cool person. 

The prior week there was also another Thanksgiving feast at a 2 floor bachelor pad with swimming pool. The expats that live there sure are doing their best to accommodate themselves here, and help the locals – if you get what I am saying.  At first the party was attended by expats from the US and England.   There was lots of food:  turkey, stuffing, corn, pies, salad plus beer, alcohol – the usual Thanksgiving amenities.  The majority of the food was cooked by another expat who is from Long Island – I met her years back as we went to a Devils vs. Islanders game at the Rock.  And she is also part of the cat owner’s clan – she has three cats, two originally from the US.  So it’s nice to know another east coaster.

… It is currently 8pm Tuesday. The internet connection has been spotty due to the rain.  An option is to get a backup from the cell phone company.  Well time for me to post this up, and head out for a beer at one of the local breweries. 


Till next time…. 


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