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This past weekend we went up to Hampi, in northern Karnataka.  
More info at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampi 

It was about a six hour drive to reach, so our day started at 4am on Saturday.  The drive by itself was a thrilling adventure!   I would wake up from naps to see trucks coming head on in our direction!  Insane driving on these roads as those in a hurry will cut off others, no matter if they are on the opposite side of the road.  

As we got near our destination, we hit a huge traffic jam!

We got stuck behind this massive herd.  The driver did his best to drive around them, at one point we were surrounded and moving slowly with them.  We became part of the herd!  It took us 30 minutes is get in front of them.  

We finally reach the resort, which was located off the road, hidden among all the rocks.  A beautiful location that is situated among nature.  There were monkeys walking around the site.  Some were just doing their thing on our porch, not caring that we were there.  

After dropping off our items, we went to travel around Hampi.  In order to get to it, one must take the small boat across the river.  At present, the river is at its lowest.  But the locals said it is a different story during monsoon season.

You need an entire day to see all the ruins.  We did our best to see most.  After negotiating a fare with one of the autos (rickshaws), we made our way around the city.  Following are some pictures from the sites we saw.  



After a few hours under the heat, our sweaty bodies were ready to call it a day and head back to the hotel.  But guess what, our hotel rooms were ones without AC!  Oh yes!  So it was a pleasure going to sleep in a very hot room!  

On the bright side, dinner was great! It started off with some yummy appetizers under the stars with a bonfire.  We called it a night after a few hours, and went to sleep in the heat.

The next day we did a nature walk among some interesting rock formations.  From the distance, you can also see the vast terrain with mountains composed of different shaped rocks.  It felt as if I were walking among The Flinstones neighborhood.



Reaching the top of the hike, we were presented to a magnificent view of the land.  It was breathtaking!


A beautiful way to end our weekend trip.   


BTW:  yesterday was Back to the Future day!  The trilogy is one of top favorite movies on my list.  Actually, I can watch BttF II all day.  Within the movie they predicated that the Cubs won the World Series.... well they were close on their predication, but the METS swept them!  

I just can't believe that the year the METS reach the finals, we won't be around to celebrate.  I recall how crazy the streets were in 2000 the last time the METS were in the World Series.   But I will celebrate here in India.





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